Free Resources

Our Free IT Business Builder Membership provides access to a considerable selection of assets from each area of our IT Business Builder Training and Resource Centers, including structured training courses and classes, best practice guides, books, forms, tools, marketing collateral, documents, processes and procedures, slide decks, videos, webinars and much more.

Best Practice Guides

Our library of Managed Services, Cloud and IT Solutions Marketing Best Practice Guides cover topics that help you improve your sales and sales engineering outcomes, without high-level vagaries or hype. These IT Sales Best Practice Guides clearly define their subject matter and provide step-by-step guidance towards understanding and improved outcomes.

Business Processes

Our best practices-based business processes for improving your sales and sales engineering outcomes will save you from making costly mistakes and accelerate your sales and marketing ROI with the most successful, repeatable direct and indirect offline and online marketing and sales presentation and closing tactics to help you achieve your revenue goals.


Our Sales Compensation and Commission and Forecasting Calculators are purpose-built to help you create realistic sales comp plans that influence performance and reward success, along with providing accurate forecasting of what each of your sales professionals can realistically accomplish in terms of sales goals with minimum effort while maximizing results.


Our document archive includes a vast selection of just about every resource you need to build, transform or improve your IT, Security, Managed Services or Cloud practice’s sales performance with sales comp plan templates, strategies, workflows, white papers, strategy documents, sales process documents and closing playbooks, case study templates and more.


Leverage our powerful search system to locate and download thousands of IT, MSP and Cloud sales and sales engineering process improvement tools and resources. Our downloads include sales proposal and agreement templates, appointment-setting and telemarketing scripts, sales comp and sales forecasting calculators, PowerPoint sales presentation decks and more.


Our forms library complements our document archive and incorporates a variety of business forms to support the day to day sales processes of your IT, Security, Managed Services or Cloud practice with numerous strategic and tactical sales business plans, case study templates, 7 step sales process and question-based sales techniques, procedures, and more.

Key Performance Indicators

Our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are designed to provide you a clear view of the most critical data you should be measuring on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis in lead generation, appointments, follow-up, proposal generation and quota attainment goals to keep you focused on managing and tracking the sales activity that’s most important.


Our telemarketing, event invitation and appointment-setting scripts are written to generate interest and curiosity in your target audience and differentiate you from your competitors. Designed to help navigate gatekeepers and reach decision-makers, our scripts identify pain and need while building urgency in your prospects to meet with you to discover how you can help.

Slide Decks

Our vast selection of PowerPoint slide decks complement each of our numerous webinar and video presentations, as well as cover sales presentations for just about every product, service or solution you promote, sell and support in your IT, Security, Managed Services, VoIP, Cloud practice and more to educate, train and enable your entire sales team.


Our purpose-built, proven collection of IT sales improvement tools include pricing calculators, spreadsheets, processes, procedures, workflows, overcoming objections handbooks, sales closing playbooks and more to improve your inside and outside sales professionals’ win rates, reduce lost opportunities and increase overall sales margins.


Our extensive High Definition video library includes recorded live training sessions, events and panels covering how to price, position and sell high-margin emerging technologies such as Managed Services, Cloud, Virtualization, Mobility, Unified Communications and more, as well as basic, intermediate and advance sales techniques to sell on value for maximum margin.

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