Build A Championship Team

You face personnel problems and talent management challenges every day. An IT Business Builder Subscription can help you build and lead a championship team by giving you the training, resources and tools to hire the right resources for the right positions the first time, and understand different personality types to motivate and inspire your staff to succeed as a team and more.

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Effectively Hire, Train and Manage Human Resources

It’s no secret that in order to build your organization into an efficient, profitable growing business, you need to build your people. But not just any people – you want to hire, train, motivate and manage the best sales, technical, management and administrative talent, not just the best available talent. An IT Business Builder Subscription can provide you all of the best practices tools, techniques, processes, training and resources you need in order to to hire the right resources for the right positions the first time. Leverage pre-written employment ads for all positions, job roles, interview methods and questions, compensation plans, employment agreements and behavioral profiing tools and practices to improve your hiring and talent management results.

Understand Personality Types for Effective Team Building and Top Performance

An IT Business Builder Subscription can help you better understand different personality types leveraging DISC and PIAV behavioral profiles to not only manage, motivate and inspire your staff to succeed as a team, but also to validate that each one of your valuable staff is in the best role in the organization to guarantee job satisfaction, retention and loyalty. You will also learn how to leverage the Sales Skills Index; or SSI, to evaluate your sales professionals’ understanding and mastery of the 7 Step Sales Process, and uncover areas for additional training and role-playing to improve their sales closing success. The knowledge that you will gain by leveraging these tools will not only help improve the performance of your existing staff, but will also become instrumental in your hiring process for new employees.

Leverage Ready-Made Talent Management Processes, Resources and Tools

An IT Business Builder Subscription includes valuable HR, and talent management tools and resources including hiring, training and motivational team building processes; and tools, training, compensation and bonus plans, incentive and rewards strategies and promotion and succession plans to increase employee satisfaction and loyalty and influence top performance.

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