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An IT Business Builder Subscription can help you increase your and your team’s sales acumen and provide you the training and resources to close more sales more quickly and more often. You’ll learn how to dramatically improve your sales effectiveness with Question Based Selling techniques to better qualify prospects for your services and solutions, and identify not only their active pains but also uncover their latent needs, thereby increasing their buying temperature to accelerate sales velocity and shorten sales cycles.

A Free SPC Subscription Can Help You...

Master the 7 Step Sales Process

The most successful IT organizations have learned to flawlessly execute the 7 Step Sales Process – the most effective way to sell products and services today. An IT Business Builder Subscription can help you and your sales professionals achieve mastery of each and every step to increase success during Prospecting and Preparation, the Warm Up with your prospects and properly Qualifying them for your services, Presenting your solutions correctly to build buying temperature, how to effectively Overcome Objections and Close more opportunities faster, then conduct Follow Up activities properly to solicit and receive more referrals.

Hire, Train and Manage Sales Professionals

It’s no secret that In order to grow your business, you must increase your sales, and at some point you’ll need to hire sales professionals to achieve your revenue goals. An IT Business Builder Subscription can help you learn the most effective ways to advertise for the best talent and evaluate prospective hires before, during and after their interviews, and design attractive compensation plans and training and management strategies that inspire and motivate new and existing sales professionals to succeed.

Leverage Ready-Made Sales Collateral, Resources and Tools

An IT Business Builder Subscription includes valuable sales hiring tools and processes, commission and compensation plans, sales collateral, appointment-setting call scripts, PowerPoint sales presentations, pricing tools, proposal templates, service agreements and more to equip and empower your sales professionals to meet and exceed their sales goals.

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